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Visual Effects

A fairly recent hobby of mine is visual effects. I’ve edited and produced videos for years, but a newer skill I’ve taken up is creating photorealistic computer-generated images.

Concorde Tribute

Concorde Tribute

Therapy Lobby

Therapy Lobby

American Pioneer Rendition

American Pioneer

Camera Tracking Room

Camera Tracking in Blender

Pencil Sketch Interpretation

Pencil Sketch CG Interpretation

Camera Mapping

Camera-mapped Image

Triad Living Room

Triad Color Room

Messy Desk

Utah Teapot

Utah Teapot pouring tea into a cup

Photorealistic Wooden Tower Destruction

Wrecking Ball and Block Tower

3D Desk Objects

alarm clock 3D model

Luxo, Jr.® Recreation

Luxo, Jr. Animation

CG Art

spilt drink

Photorealistic Kitchen Scene

Photorealistic Kitchen Scene

Interior Design Models

Realistic Living Room Model

Tiki Twirl Render

Tiki Twirl Animation

MEF Fund Drive 2017 Video

Video Screenshot

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