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About Me


My name is Pranav Rao, and I’m a student with a keen interest and hobby in computer graphic design and programming. I learned most of my design skills in a graphic design in a high school course called “Digital and Graphic Tools”. The class sparked a new interest within me, and I grew to love graphic design. It also rekindled my interest in web design, and it taught me not to be intimidated by new, complicated software. I used this to become a skilled movie editor, and I often combine my skills to create dazzling videos — even computer-generated animations.

Since then, I have spent a lot of free time learning new software and expanding my knowledge on those I already know. I have learned programming languages and new graphic design software with the help of online tutorials — so many of my skills are self-taught. I use every opportunity to expand my horizons and design graphics, animations, websites, and other computer-generated creations.

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Currently attending Santa Clara University as a Computer Science Major


  • DECA
    • Public Relations Officer in tenth grade
    • Qualified for international competition 2 years in a row
  • Astronomy Club
    • Unanimously elected president after two years as a member
    • Raised money
    • Boosted member satisfaction and regular attendance rate
    • Hosted reopening ceremony for school’s rooftop telescope


  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Gained beginner knowledge in 2014-15
    • Took a second course in 2016
  • Adobe Flash (Animate CC)
    • Gained beginner knowledge in 2015
    • Most skills are self-taught
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Some skill developed after three short films were edited there
  • Adobe Lightroom
    • Gained beginner knowledge in 2013
    • Took a second course in 2016
  • Blender
    • Completely self-taught

Programming Languages

    • Learned informally in 2010
    • Expanded upon beginner knowledge through self-teaching
  • PHP
    • Limited skill developed through development of several websites
  • Java
    • Learned formally in 2016-17 through AP® Computer Science A
    • Passed AP® Computer Science A exam with score of “4”
  • Python
    • Learned informally in 2014-15
    • Expanded upon beginner knowledge through self-learning
    • Most projects are skill-builders and not full projects such as websites and apps
  • SQL
    • Learned formally in 2017