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Juneau State Capitol Concept

the igloo capitol

This is a concept state capitol building for Juneau, Alaska, USA. As a play on the stereotype that Alaska is associated with igloos, I decided to create a concept capitol building in the shape of an igloo.

I had to ensure that the building still looked like a capitol building, so I made capitol-style windows, rings on the dome, and so on. Texturing the large igloos was very difficult. I had to remake the main igloo dome three times to ensure it was evenly spherical. The bricks are all procedurally generated. Various other textures are from Poliigon.

I also created a park outside The Igloo. There are some trees in a grassy plain surrounding a stone path that leads to a statue. This same layout is used on the other side. Both statues are models downloaded from the internet. The Moose is from TurboSquid, and the Eskimo is from wundersound on BlendSwap.

Here are some more views:

Daytime right side
Daytime front
Evening right side

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