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American Pioneer Rendition

American Pioneer

I created another pencil sketch interpretation, this time of Jessica’s “American Pioneer”. Jessica’s original sketch looked like this:

American Pioneer Pencil sketch

I created the seam on the wine bottle sleeve using an image texture as a sculpt brush. The sculpt data was then baked into a normal map, which I applied to a lower-resolution mesh to give it the extra detail. The rope is actually four individual rope objects. I did this to simplify my work due to the many twists and bends in the rope’s path. As one might notice, the cloth is absent in my rendition — this is simply because I did not visualize a place for it. I imagined the scene as set next to a barn, where a cloth up against the wall might seem abnormal.

Other than that, this image was quite straightforward — albeit tedious. The lantern and pulley alone took up days of modeling. Still, this project taught me a lot about working with curves and about adaptive subdivision.

Tools Used: Blender

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