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Pencil Sketch Interpretation

Pencil Sketch CG Interpretation

This image is a color and CG interpretation of a classmate’s pencil sketch. Her original sketch looked like this:

Classmate Pecil Sketch

I modeled all the objects in the scene and textured them myself. The books were especially challenging as they involved creases and tears — features that are difficult for computers to emulate. I used sculpt brushes and proportional editing along with normal maps to create the worn books.

Additionally, I had to devise a way to create photorealistic pages. Books have easily observable pages, but creating them in CG involved a variety of steps. I had to add a displacement map to the base rectangular prism. I used a “wood” texture to create the horizontal bands around the pages. When displaced inward, they resembled pages.

I also took some liberties in creating the background. The pencil sketch does not feature a detailed background, but I wanted to create an environment livelier than a simple studio setup. I found world textures online to create the reflections on the floor, and I used more textures to create the carpet and the shiny marble floor. In fact, the carpet is the very same carpet used in my Wasted Drink image. The Pixar® ball is the same model I used in my Luxo, Jr. Animation.

To add more detail to the image, I used surface imperfection maps to create the fingerprint smudges on the table and cups. I made a mistake while adding scratches to the table, but the map ended up creating what looked like cobwebs. What do you think? Please let me know.

By and large, this particular image presented a lot of challenges to me. I learned how to bake normal maps, developed my sculpt brush skills further from the Triad Living Room, worked with displacement maps to create realistic pages, and more.

Tools Used: Blender

Classmate’s digital portfolio

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