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March For Our Lives SJ

March For Our Lives SJ Homepage

I help design and maintain the website for the March For Our Lives, San Jose.

This project gave me a taste of freelance web development. I did not design the theme this time round, but I added custom CSS to create certain styles I felt might bring out certain elements.I designed some graphics such as the route map and homepage collage and helped optimize many others. I extensively documented both the school walkout and the March, taking over 200 photographs in total.

Aside from the design front, the organization was frequently featured in news media, so I had to keep up with their progress and catalog it in the website. As updates regarding schedules, routes, and URLs came up, I had to change them as fast as possible. Being a webmaster for an organization like this involved staying on top of every detail about its work and ensuring that people everywhere (as it happened, at least 5 people viewed the site in England, Germany, and Peru) received the information they needed in an timely manner. While I was not an organizer, my contributions allowed many people to get what they needed without an e-mail or message.

I performed this task primarily to teach me about being a webmaster, but I must state that I will try never to refuse service or otherwise demean a person with views contrary to my own. The March For Our Lives, in my eyes, was a movement dedicated to decreasing the epidemic of gun violence in the United States of America. The signs on the homepage and the content on the site are not a direct reflection of my political beliefs.

Tools used: WordPress, Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Lightroom, MS Word, among others.

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