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Triad Living Room

Triad Color Room

This living room render uses a triad color scheme among its components. After watching some tutorials on color schemes, I decided to put them into practice. The couch was my first attempt at sculpting, a process where the mouse is used to “sculpt”, or distort, a 3D mesh. Sculpting was necessary to create the folds and creases that cushions generally have. In addition, I implemented some suggestions others gave me, such as the orange pillow. It was placed as a noticeable place for the eye to “rest”.

Not all of the details came through in Blender, so I used Photoshop to add some surface imperfections and folds in the couch as well as enhancing the color of the orange pillow. Denoising in Blender appeared to remove some important details, so I denoised in Photoshop instead. Like for the Utah teapot, I extensively used the burn and dodge tools.

Note: The painting was found on an art website and is by Barbara Furlong. I used a model called “Yucca Plant” created by YellowPanda.

Software Used: Blender, Photoshop

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